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Public Safety DAS Systems

Public Safety DAS Systems

Public Safety DAS System

What are Public Safety DAS Systems?

  • Public Safety DAS (Distributed Antenna System) Systems are wireless communications systems used by first responders.
  • It ensures secure communications with first responders during rescue efforts.
  • It provides reliable radio communication inside a building that may not have strong coverage from the outside tower.
  • It eliminates dead spots that may be caused by building material.
  • The National Fire Protection Association has enacted ordinances requiring minimum levels of coverage for Public Safety Communications.

How Do Public Safety DAS Systems Work?

A Public Safety Communications system is a wireless communications system used by first responder and emergency services personnel such as police, fire, emergency medical, homeland security, and disaster response agencies to prevent or respond to incidents or situations that pose a threat to people or property. Venues such as apartment buildings, hotels, and office buildings often have large amounts of people and in the event of a fire or other emergency public officials need to ensure communications during rescue efforts.  These venues are built with energy efficient materials which block public safety signals as an adverse effect. One of the ideal ways to implement security is to deploy Public Safety DAS Systems for emergency coverage, which is required by most jurisdictions. Public Safety DAS Systems are needed to ensure that the Public Safety Communications networks are available for firefighters and police to communicate indoors during an emergency, which may mean the difference between life and death in an emergency.

Why Choose Cablelytics?

Cablelytics provides an analytical approach to wireless telecommunication integration and electrical services including Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), Public Safety DAS, CBRS, WiFi, Wireless Carrier Base Stations and Private LTE. The expert professionals at Cablelytics have created wireless systems for hundreds of enterprises in healthcare, energy, telecom, transportation and logistics, education, and retail. We understand our clients are running their businesses in a volatile and competitive environment, so we provide cost-effective solutions that support your communications network AND your bottom line.

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