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Electrical Contracting

Electrical Contracting Solutions You Can Rely On

Electrical Contracting

Electrical Contracting

Experts in Electrical Services

At Cablelytics we believe that you can’t achieve the high efficiencies and performance you desire from your critical infrastructure without a solid electrical foundation. And this is why we are here to help. We are a team of experienced, certified, and trained electricians with a deep understanding and skill set providing you with end-to-end electrical contracting solutions.

Our electrical services:

  • Conform to the current building codes
    Ensure electrical safety to prevent the risk of hazards to your staff, property, and those on-premises
  • Offer surge protection to avoid costly repairs, replacements, and downtime
  • We offer cutting-edge installation methods and comprehensive solutions to provide you with the best electrical services.

No matter the electrical project’s complexity, scope, or size, we can assist you with them all. We have expertise in all areas of electrical work, including construction and renovation, on-site maintenance, preventative maintenance, and testing. We are a service partner you can trust and rely on for all your electrical contracting needs.


Why Choose Cablelytics?

Cablelytics provides an analytical approach to wireless telecommunication integration and electrical services including Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), Public Safety DAS, CBRS, WiFi, Wireless Carrier Base Stations and Private LTE. The expert professionals at Cablelytics have created wireless systems for hundreds of enterprises in healthcare, energy, telecom, transportation and logistics, education, and retail. We understand our clients are running their businesses in a volatile and competitive environment, so we provide cost-effective solutions that support your communications network AND your bottom line.


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