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DAS Systems & Small Cells

DAS Systems & Small Cells

Small Cell

Whether you want to install a distributed antenna system (DAS system) inside your office building or at a large outdoor facility, Cablelytics can assure you a seamless, effective DAS system deployment to support your communications needs.

Our inbuilding DAS system solutions are perfect for businesses that want to resolve their cellular coverage and capacity issues and improve network availability for voice and data calls. Our team of engineers and technicians have successfully implemented our DAS systems at numerous locations with diverse architecture and network-related challenges.


In Building DAS Systems

Indoor connectivity is a part and parcel of modern life, but ensuring 24×7 connectivity can become a challenge for individuals managing high-traffic buildings. With our 20 years of experience of providing in-building DAS systems solutions to our clients, we can keep your employees and your customers connected to the web.

We advise on discreet in-building antennas at different locations to enhance your network’s coverage and capacity. In addition to this, our experts take care of the necessary issues and make sure that your network is performing at optimum levels round the clock.


Small Business DAS Systems

In today’s dynamic business environment, small-sized businesses are faced with unique challenges of changing customer demands, intense competition, sustainability issues, and pressure to stay efficient and effective. In such conditions, these businesses look for networking solutions that are cost-effective and reliable.

With our in-building DAS system solutions, you can avoid problems caused by low-quality signals or no coverage, and notice significant difference in your efficiency, customer satisfaction, and revenue growth.

Small Cells

Small Cell

Mobile data traffic has grown exponentially over the last decade and operators are facing the immense challenge of slow speeds, poor connectivity, and customer dissatisfaction. Cablelytics offers you small cell solutions that can provide your customers the ultra-broadband experience they desire. We provide consultation for small cells, including micro, pico, and femto cells that are very energy-efficient and cost-effective. These small cells are perfect for getting maximum coverage and uninterrupted connectivity in wide high-traffic areas such as airports, inner city areas, and public buildings.


Why Choose Cablelytics?

Cablelytics provides an analytical approach to wireless telecommunication integration and electrical services including Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), Public Safety DAS, CBRS, WiFi, Wireless Carrier Base Stations and Private LTE. The expert professionals at Cablelytics have created wireless systems for hundreds of enterprises in healthcare, energy, telecom, transportation and logistics, education, and retail. We understand our clients are running their businesses in a volatile and competitive environment, so we provide cost-effective solutions that support your communications network AND your bottom line.


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